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Dietary & Health Advice

At Animal House we sell a huge range of foods for all types of pet and if you are unsure about what to feed your pet we can help with your animals different dietary needs.

Our staff are also very knowledgeable on different health issues that your pet might incur and are happy to provide free impartial advice to add to any vetenary advice you may have already been given.

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the advice you need please send us a message on the Contact Us page, pop into the store for a chat or phone us on 01308 424349.

What is the best wet food to give to my dog?

The easiest answer to this question is "which ever food your dog likes to eat" but there are actually a number of levels in the quality of wet food you can give to your dog. Thankfully we sell lots of different quality products to suit your needs:

Raw Products

Raw Products are the highest level of dog food. Raw food (also known as BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a completely natural diet for your pets, free from processing. Dogs are carnivores – they have always thrived on raw food, it is what their digestive systems were designed for. For thousands of years, dogs like humans have lived on a natural diet and it has only been in the last 80 years that we have started consuming processed foods which we believe has contributed to many of the health problems people and our animals experience today. We  stock raw frozen products from Natures Menu, Nutriment and Laverstoke Park Farm.

Cooked Natural Dog Food

The next level below Raw Food is Wet Cooked Dog Food made with natural ingredients and sealed in trays. These delicious, wheat and gluten free foods are hypoallergenic, made using 65% to 75% fresh, farm reared meat combined with brown rice and vegetables. Also added are glucosamine and chondroitin to promote healthy joints and seaweed to support the brain, vision and nervous system. Cooked natural foods use only the best ingredients to provide all the nutrition your dog needs. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of these natural products. We stock Forthglade, Lovejoys, Burns and Natures Diet.

Tinned Dog Food

The lower level of dog food you can feed your pet is tinned wet dog food but unlike the processed  tinned food you usually find on the high street and in supermarkets, our ranges are designed to be a complete diet for your dog made using only naturally wholesome ingredients and contains no rendered meat or derivatives and is suitable for all breeds. They are totally Grain free making them ideal for dogs who suffer allergies and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We stock Natures Menu, Simpsons Premium and the Organic Range of Lilys Kitchen.

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