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Animal House Bridport Customer Reviews

What is Animal House?

Animal House is your classic traditional pet shop but with a modern twist. We carry everything you need to feed, entertain and care for your beloved pets and we also share our knowledge to help you get the right product for the right situation. Nothing can quite beat a visit to Animal House in person, so please come and visit us in South Street in Bridport. 


We sell creature comforts for all sorts of pet animals and their owners and for some feathered and spiky wild ones too (animals that is!).

For dogs, cats and small animals who like to get out and about we have a great range of leads, collars, harnesses and things to keep them warm and seen.

We have toys for everyone, to throw, pull, chew, chase, hide in, run in and out of - a veritable animalympics selection.

If your pet likes nothing more than cosying up, we have beds and blankets galore!

For when your animal has been extra good, we have a range of treats and goodies to keep them happy with the emphasis on natural goodness wherever possible.

To help you keep your pet in tip top condition we stock a wide range of foods including frozen raw for cats and dogs, all carefully chosen for their good ingredients.  Plus, a wide range of supplements and remedies for when your animal needs that extra support.

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