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  • Entry operated by your cat’s unique microchip or Cat Mate I.D. Disc. (available separately) for up to 9 cats – keeps stray pets out.
  • 4 way lock control.
  • LCD display shows selected entry and exit lock status, cat location and time since flap last used for up to 3 selected cats. Low battery indicator.
  • Battery powered. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied) give approximately 12 months operation.
  • Timer function controls access for all your cats, e.g. to keep cats in at night.
  • Self lining up to 100mm (4”) thick – suitable for all doors, single/multi glazed panels and walls.*
  • Draft and weatherproof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure.
  • 3 year guarantee.


* Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner (Ref. 308) available separately.

Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap with Timer Control

SKU: 035368003554